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I am wanting to see if there is interest in me making a run of un drilled 30" (finished wheel diameter with tire installed) steel hollow rims that would accept 7/8" hard rubber wired-on tires.

I am also wanting to see if there is interest in me making a run of un drilled 28” (finished wheel diameter) as an alternative to a wood rim that would accept pneumatic single tube 28” X 1 1/2” tires such as RD tires or original tires.

I'm starting with these two particular sizes since 30" is the most common hard tire safety wheel size and and 28” is the most common size for TOC bicycles. "I MAY" do other custom diameters in the future but first need to see if there is an interest.

These rims will be well made like the rims produced in the past by Larry Lunz and later by Victory bicycles with comparable pricing.

Equipment is in place and, to undertake this project, I only want to hear from serious collectors who have a "real need" for these and not people who "think this would be a great idea" but are not willing to follow through as a customer. However I do appreciate your kudos for this project if you wish to add a LIKE etc.

Photos shown are of a built 30" rear wheel for a 1889 Victor Model A hard tire safety bicycle using a hollow rim and of a 28” rim in process that can be produced. The Victor rear wheel was just set in the frame for photo and yes I know the sprocket should be on the right side.

Will ship world wide.

Reply directly to my email or Call me directly for questions.

Mike Cates, CA.
(760) 473-6201 Voice calls only and I do not text

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