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Feature Article


Volume 1 Number 1
Summer 1970Riding The Ordinary

Volume 2 Number 1
Summer 1971Uniforms And Costumes

Volume 3 Number 1
Winter 1972Taming The Bicycle

Volume 3 Number 2
Summer 1972Bicycle Lamps (Limited)Inquire

Volume 4 Number 1
Summer 1973Columbia Bicycles (Limited)Inquire

Volume 5 Number 1
Winter 1974Detroit Wheelmen (Limited)Inquire

Volume 5 Number 2
Summer 1974Velocipedes (Limited)Inquire

Volume 6 Number 1
Winter 1975Tricycles$5.00

Volume 6 Number 2
Summer 1975Star Bicycle$5.00

1976 Centennial Meet
Summer 1976Philadelphia Meet

Volume 7 Number 1
Winter 1976Thomas Stevens$5.00

Number 11
March 1977Joseph Pennell – Artist$5.00

Number 12
March 1978Carl Wiedman Collection

Number 13
December 1978Charles E. Pratt

Number 14
May 1979Ingo Bicycle$5.00

Number 15
November 1979Ladies Costumes$5.00

Number 16
May 1980L.A.W.$5.00

Number 17
November 1980Wright Brothers (Limited)Inquire

Number 18
May 1981Wheelmen In England$5.00

Number 19
November 1981Wheelmen Ball$5.00

Number 20
May 1982Bicycle Photos$5.00

Number 21
November 1982Conn Baker$5.00

Number 22
May 1983Don Adams Collection$5.00

Number 23
November 1983Horse Tricycles$5.00

Number 24
May 1984Thomas Stevens Centennial$5.00

Number 25
November 1984Cycling Board Games$5.00

Number 26
May 1985Gary Woodward Collection

Number 27
November 1985One Mile Bicycle Record

Number 28
May 1986Hugh High$5.00

Number 29
November 1986Wright Bicycle Shop

Number 30
May 1987Frank Weston$5.00

Number 31
November 1987Pacific Coast Velocipede$5.00

Number 32
May 1988Dayton Bicycle Club

Number 33
November 1988Bicycle Postage Stamps$5.00

Number 34
May 1989David Metz Collection$5.00

Number 35
November 1989Bicycle Medals$5.00

Number 36
May 1990High Wheel Safeties

Number 37
November 1990Kirkpatrick MacMillan$5.00

Number 38
May 1991Jefferson’s Rides$5.00

Number 39
November 1991Across America$5.00

Number 40
May 1992Folding Bicycles$5.00

Number 41
November 1992America And The Ordinary

Number 42
May 1993Lallement Versus Michaux$5.00

Number 43
November 1993Women Cyclists

Number 44
May 1994Frank And Charles Duryea$5.00

Number 45
November 1994Bicycle And Women’s Dress$5.00

Number 46
May 1995Wheel Around The Hub$5.00

Number 47
November 1995Central Park Case$5.00

Number 48
May 1996Wheel Around The Hub – Part III$5.00

Number 49
November 1996 Georgia Bicycling$5.00

Number 50
May 1997Bicycles And Patents$5.00

Number 51
November 1997Cigar Box Bicycles$5.00

Number 52
May 1998The Snyder Bicycle Company$5.00

Number 53
November 1998Six Day Bicycle Races$5.00

Number 54
May 1999Fire Service Bicycles$5.00

Number 55
November 1999Tsarist Russia: Bicycling In The

Number 56
May 2000Tillie Anderson$5.00

Number 57
November 2000George Nellis 1887 Tour$5.00

Number 58
May 2001The Lefebvre Bicycle

Number 59
November 2001Bicycle Greeting Cards

Number 60
May 2002The Art of Die Cut Scraps$5.00

Number 61
November 2002Pope’s 1896 Boston Fire$5.00

Number 62
May 2003High Wheel Serial Numbers

Number 63
November 2003The Items Thomas Stevens Carried

Number 64
May 2004Doulton Stoneware$5.00

Number 65
November 2004Meerschaum Pipes$5.00

Number 66
May 2005Katie Lawrence / Daisy Bell$5.00

Number 67
November 2005Single-Tube Tires$5.00

Number 68
May 2006Comparison of Four Velocidedes$5.00

Number 69
November 2006Items Thomas Stevens Carried, II$5.00

Number 70
May  2007Cycling On Water$5.00

Number 71
November 2007Infantry Bicycle of 1899$5.00

Number 72
May  2008Karl Kron / Lyman Bagg$5.00

Number 73
November 2008Norm Batho Collection$5.00

Number 74
May  2009Arthur

Number 75
November 2009Clarence Wagner$5.00

Number 76
May 2010History of Bicycle Racing$5.00

Number 77
November 2010Hobby Horse and Collecting$5.00

Number 78
May 2011Cycling “Accident” Photos$5.00

Number 79
November 2011Midwestern High Wheel Bicycle Club

Number 80
May 2012Velocopedomania, Part I$9.00

Number 81
November 2012Velocopedomania, Part 2$9.00

Number 82
May 2013The First Commerical High Wheel Made
in America

Number 83
November 2013White Cycle Co.$9.00

Number 84
May 2014All Heil! Bicycle Steins$9.00

Number 85
November 2014The Bicycle ABC$9.00

Number 86
May 2015Where Cycling Meets the Chesapeake$9.00

Number 87
November 2015St. Johns High Wheel Bicycle Band$9.00

Number 88
May 2016Paris to Avignon by Velocipede — 150 Years Later$9.00

Number 89
November 2016Robert (Bob) McNair and the Founding of The Wheelmen$9.00

Number 90
May 2017On a Bicycle Trip for Two, Part I$9.00

Number 91
November 2017A Tribute to Karl Drais von Sauerbronn, Inventor of the Draisine in 1817$9.00

Number 92
May 2018Baby Bliss: World’s Heaviest Cyclist$9.00

Number 93
November 2018She Wore White Duck Bloomers: Annis Burr Porter’s 1897 Outing$9.00

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