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Goshen 2022 Meet Group Photo to Print

You may download and save the JPG file of the group photo from the 2022 Wheelmen National Meet from this link:  (13.6 MB file) After you download the file to your computer, you may:

  1. print to a color photo printer of yours.
  2. print to a black & white printer of yours.
  3. load the large (14 MB) file onto a USB storage device and take it to a print shop such as STAPLES, Office Depot, or (local to Michigan and surrounding states) Meijer.
  4. some such print shops allow on-line transfer of the photo file.

For a print sized 6" x 8" or smaller, a lower-resolution image is adequate. Print sizes larger than 6" x 8"  should use the full-resolution image.  Lower-resolution file: (1 MB file)

The images shown below have the low-resolution file on top, the full-resolution file is below.

Questions to Randy Oleynik and/or Richard DeLombard by e-mail.


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