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Saddle and pedals for 1887 Victor Light Roadster

Like the title says I need these two items to correct my bike. I will trade the Columbia repo pedals for a correct set of Overman pedals. I believe I need a Second pattern Kirkpatrick saddle but please correct me if I'm wrong. I will need the complete saddle to include hardware to mount to my springs. I will probably wind up making a set of the 'antenna' pant guards but if someone already has a set nickeled I'm a buyer. Thanks, Shawn




I have a repro front clip for the saddle for sale for $10 and new saddles

for $175.  See my ad under Ordinary Saddles for sale. Contact me if you

have questions.  My email address is in the advt.  Thanks.  Russell.

Victor OWCO never used Kirkpatrick saddles. Best to consult Don Adam's book on Collecting and Restoring Antique Bicycles for proper photos and description of the correct saddle you need for an 1887 Victor Light Roadster model.

Mike Cates,, CA.

Still looking for these parts. Thanks, Shawn