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I'll try it!
 I have a racing style Light weight 85/86 American Star listed on eBay.  See the ebay listing for details and photos.
We have the password set to the highest level to protect them from being hacked.

The password must be at least eight characters long, and can not be part of a users name or email address.
The password must also contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters, and at least one number.

Is there a reason why the password has to be set at a high level of security for a bicycle forum? It isn't a situation where people are disclosing sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or medical information. If this site isn't user friendly, I can't see where it will be a success.
Test photo upload. My Andrae before I started working on it.

@ Dave Toppin, I just uploaded this very large photo file and had no issues, and did not have to re-enter the security stuff. Give it a try now. Make sure when you log in that you set the log in time high.
Test photo upload. My Andrae before I started working on it.
I have removed the image size restrictions and the number of images per post restriction. I will just need to watch to see how fast the web site is growing so that we do not run out of space.

I am still looking for the setting that has to do with re entering the security stuff. Not sure where that setting is.
General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / I just tried to post a picture
« Last post by David Toppin on July 03, 2018, 10:50:50 AM »
Are we really going to have to type in Captcha letters and Wheel each time we want to post a message!?  And we're limited to 1000K?  Nobody is going to go through the painful process of reducing their picture size AND trying to read an illegible Captcha just to put up a message, and then when it doesn't let you post a picture because it is too large it won't let you post another message for three minutes?!  I'm not generally one to complain but......
I just looked at the setting for attachments and it was very small. 128 K per item and 198 K total per post. I upped it to 200 K per attachment and 1000 K per post. So now one can attach 5 200 k pix to one post. how does that sound to everyone?

With the newer higher resolution cameras we could blow through that setting with one picture.  The other alternative is for people to say hi-res pictures to a lower resolution.

Reid Mueller
Thank you Mr. Williams for the hard work of setting up a more user friendly site. I wasn’t stopping by anymore because it was always error 404.
The Ohio Wheelmen invite Wheelmen to the biennial regional meet at Sauder Village just outside Archbold, Ohio. This popular meet is free to Wheelmen who pre-register for the Saturday and Sunday meet. The dates this year are August 4 & 5. If you need information to pre-register, send an e-mail to the Ohio Captain at:

Riding demonstrations and exhibits will be in the village green each day and Wheelmen are welcome to tour the village.

The meet will include a multi-lap century on Saturday on quiet country roads. A great location for your first century (or your second or ...)

Early Sunday morning, join us for an OHWT to Sunday's market and hear the history of the store and town.

Put Mackinac Island on your calendar for the Michigan Wheelmen's Regional Meet in 2019.
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