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Greg, looks like one of your Pop's (Mel Barron) machines. Reply to this topic with how to fix this rim
BONESHAKER REPLICA CLEVELAND MANUFACTURED 48" machine with "damage" front rim. Doesn't look like a hard fix as the rim looks softly warped and no hard bends that I can see.

Click here:

Mike Cates, CA.
Just posted on my local Treasure Coast - Florida Craigslist page:
Up for sale is one of my recently restored bicycles which I purchased from member Glenn Eames late last year. Aside from materials and services from outside sources: Saddle restoration, nickel plating, spokes and nipples, oil headlamp, and brass tire pump; I have over 85 hours in the process.  In younger days I probably could have done the work in 70 hours but might not have enjoyed the process as much.
B S A ~ Paratrooper Folding Bikes and Motorcycles

Hi One and all.

Want to go back about 75 years ago?   Hopefully you will enjoy this short documentary movie.

Best wishes

Lorne Shields
Currently researching the "Maryland Bicycle Club" of Baltimore Maryland.

Needing any images of these bicyclists to help identify them in a club photo.

Also needing any club rosters. ( I have added a PDF attachment of what I could put together as a club Roster for 1882-83)

Also needed is an example image of the "Maryland Bicycle Club" badge. 

Would also like an image of one other club's badge, the "Baltimore Bicycle club".

My most sincere and grateful thanks, Kurt Schaak
maybe I didn't make my point very clear.  My point isn't about paying sales tax, we all have heard about this coming to online transactions for a long time now.

My point is about the sales tax paid: you can't get it back!  Unlike when you buy something at the hardware store down the road or at the building supply store across town; When you 'return for refund' those items you get both the merchandise price AND the sales tax refunded. With an eBay purchase refund, you get ONLY the merchandise amount refunded, NOT the sales tax. Once it is collected by eBay you'll never see it again.

I'm in the process of protesting directly to eBay this unfair policy. We'll see what happens.  I'll post here the contact information if you want to join me in this protest.
Stephan, thanks for doing a thankless job! Unfortunately lack of volunteers is a problem everywhere. People are better at bitching than they are at helping! Good luck!
Many states are now requiring sales tax collection by all online sellers, no choice given! Also, most states have laws requiring you to report and pay sales tax on out of state purchases from businesses- don't know about between private individuals. Indiana has started this out of state collection.
Be prepared to pay sales tax when a company has a physical location in the state you live in.Not all states may be on board to this yet but it is coming. Many states are going to crack down on the small ebay sellers also. I live in N.J., deal with a company in Maine and have to supply them with a tax exemption form.
Board for buying and selling Wheelmen goods and services. / Re: WTB- Racycle Pacemaker
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Thank you Brian, I did call him, and I'm still looking.
We’re you ever able to contact Mike?  A call to him would be best if you haven’t.
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