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For Sale

51 inch American Star bicycle, believed to be from 1884.  Fully restored, ready to ride.  New components include saddle and pannier bags.  Accessories include skirt/pant guards, watch holder, original cyclometer, original warning bell, unique kerosene headlamp.  New tires of correct rubber section, new spokes and new leather straps in the drive system, which includes a "variable power" adjustment.

Also includes bent iron display stand and a high wheeler carrier that attaches to a trailer hitch.

Higher resolution photos available on request.

For pickup in the Niagara Falls NY area.  Asking price $15,000.00

Contact information:  I'm posting this for my friend Dave Kimball who owns (and beautifully restored) this Star.  If you are interested, please call Dave directly at:  7one6-754-2one92  (phone number disguised in an attempt to reduce spam phone calls).

I will check this forum occasionally.  Thank you,  Doug Milliken (Buffalo NY).
To  55inchwheel,

I do not normally answer emails that are not signed.  This is an exception.

I thought  F/S was fairly obvious since it was in the section called   "Board for buying and
-- selling --  Wheelmen goods and services".   But not obvious to all.

Im not at all sure who you are since you are one of these modern people who do not reveal their name.

So I looked it up  "Why no name"    Wn².

    Wn² -- Ashamed of your name ?
    Wn² -- Witness protection program ?
    Wn² -- Criminal not wanting to arouse suspicion ?
    Wn² -- Done something in the neighbourhood that Stinks ?
    Wn² -- Turned in a neighbour for something that Stinks ?
    Wn² -- On police suspect list for something that Stinks ?
    Wn² -- Owe someone a LOT ?
    Wn² -- Don't know your name ?
    Wn² -- Don't want to admit to your name ?

And we could go on and on --

I assume you have figured out what  F/S is by now.    The previous post was a dead give away.

Ron Miller
General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: Bicycle collector has passed
« Last post by phattiremike on September 17, 2018, 06:56:37 AM »
Would have been a pleasure to have met Jack.  RIP.
I'm not quite sure what the acronym F/S means so I looked it up in the urban dictionary and found these possible choices:

Acronym Definition

F/S Full-size
F/S Full Service
F/S Financial Statement
F/S File Server
F/S Farside (public transit)
F/S Feasibility Study
F/S Frames per Second
F/S Feet per Second
F/S Frontside (extreme sports)
F/S Factory Sealed
F/S Flight Sergeant
F/S Frozen Section (histology)
F/S Fridge/Stove (rental listings)
F/S Frequency/Severity
F/S Female Spayed
F/S Folded Shirt (band)
F/S For Sale 
General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Bicycle collector has passed
« Last post by John Skocdopole on September 16, 2018, 07:35:05 AM »
"Jack DeVries, a veteran Bellingham retailer and collector of all things bicycling, died Tuesday, Sept. 11. He was 83.
During the 1950s, DeVries rode penny farthings with a group in parades in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seattle.
Jack was just as passionate about collecting cycling memorabilia. “Our old shop (pre-1995) was an old-time shop where you had everything stuffed into a shop that you could. There were a ton of antique bikes on the walls and ceiling,” Kent recalled. “And his house from ’74 until he moved down to Arizona was nothing but bicycle stuff. Literally every nook and cranny you could see in the place."
The purchaser of the Thorsen tandem purchased at the swap meet of the recent Oberlin Annual Meet would like to know who sold it to him. He is a new member and didn't know who it was. He has cleaned the tandem up and wanted to show the seller.
If someone knows the seller's name, you could send me an e-mail and I'll pass it along.

It will also be the 100th anniversary of America's oldest continously held Thanksgiving day parade originally started by Gimbel's Department store. The crowds are full of happy smiling faces that just love those old bicycles whirling by. Wouldn't it be absolutely incredible if 100 Wheelmen and Wheelwomen showed up for the parade? Wishful thinking on my part I know,  but no harm in day dreaming.
General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade - NEXT YEAR
« Last post by DelombardR on September 14, 2018, 06:32:08 PM »
I've been told that the calendar item in the recent Newsletter is off by one year.
The Wheelmen will be in the 2019 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade  - that's NEXT year.

If you need good close up pictures, I have photos of the Elliott I sold a few years ago. Best to call me directly (No
Texts) Mike Cates (760) 473-6201
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