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Copake auction has some nice domes as individual lots if you can wait.  Not sure if they are Corbin ... but are cast and of the era. Good luck!   Lorne

A few years back, I contacted the Chamber of Commerce in. nearby town to enter their parade.  After describing who we were and what we ride, she replied "I used to ride those!"  A daughter of a long-time Wheelmen from Wisconsin (if I recall right).

Great pictures Dick.
 A couple of weeks ago an elderly couple wandered into my nursery. He handed me his card and told me he was a retired building architect and once had a nursery himself. They wanted to look at Camellias and as we cruised out to the field he talked about the importance of staying physically active. He gave credit to his life long passion to cycling and how lucky he was to grow up in a cycling family. He then mentioned that his dad rode the old highwheel bicycles for years. It then hit me the name on the card. I stopped the buggy, looked at him and said "your dad's name is Clair". Oh the shocked look he had. I delivered 9 large Camellias to their winter residence and spent hours hearing the stories of the good old days of the Ohio Wheelmen. Dan Duckham, winters in Deland and summers in Cashiers NC. Still has the old homestead in Dayton.
General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: Jim Ogland contact
« Last post by Brad Drexler on March 21, 2019, 08:41:42 PM »
Randy, contact Robert Taylor in Minnesota. He is in the directory,
General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Make an 1896 Women's cycling outfit
« Last post by andrew gorman on March 20, 2019, 04:54:54 PM »
By way of NPR and google I ran across an interesting blog on making a natty cycling suit and the research that went into it:
For those in the years to come, the entry date is March 9, 2019
General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Baraboo Circus Parade
« Last post by Ed Minas on March 18, 2019, 09:41:19 PM »
Are any Wheelmen attending or participating in the Baraboo Circus parade on the July 20th?  I seem to recall some folks talking about it.

Last I spoke to Paul, he was done making bikes close to 2 years back at this point.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Jim Ogland contact
« Last post by robike on March 18, 2019, 10:10:00 AM »
Any one have contact with Jim Ogland family.  I want to order his book but not sure who to make check out to and no one is answering the phone listed in the wheelman newsletter.  If you have contact with that family, could you let me know how to proceed.   Thanks Randy
Hi Richard

I have a dome top that may work . I sent an email to you through this site . Did you get it ?

Try Ed Lee
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