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F/S:  Safety bicycle restoration graphics

These duplicate stick on graphics are modeled off of Dave Browns past available graphics.  I needed graphics for a bicycle and had to have many made to get a few.  I pass the others on to other Wheelemen.  They are gold with red flowers with green leaves.  I would be glad to send a pic to you through regular e-mail.  $3 ea.  They really do make a restoration "sing"! 

I have dropped to $2700.  Very nice complete and a good rider.  Ready to roll!

F/S:  Elgin Cycle co. queen Ladies Safety  $345

Elgin, Is
unrestored but very complete and original
Seat original but leather is a mess.  Original horse hair padding.  Hardware good. 
Wood rims, chainguard, and fender.
Original pedals. 

Could possibly be preserved rather than a complete restoration with effort.

Local pick up only.  Shipping only if arranged by buyer. 
See my other posts for a quantity deal.

I will answer any all questions.

Pics unavailable at the moment but will send if interested.

F/ S:  Queen City Cycle Erie Ladies Safety $345

Buffalo, NY
Wood rims, fender and chainguard
Original seat
No tires
Very complete bicycle.  Need some TLC or restoration.  Might even be able to preserve and ride.

Local pick up only or shipment arranged by buyer.
See my many other listings. Very open to offers on quantity purchases.
I will answer any and all questions:

See attached pics.

F/S:  1886 Featherstone Duchess. $345   

Chicago, Il
Seat hardware only/no cover
One original handgrip
Front rim bad
Has cool old tires but not rideable
Has original chain, crank,handlebars and pedals
Very  complete but needing much TLC or restoration.

Local pick up only unless all arrangements for shipping are made by buyer.
See my other parts bikes listed.  Buy them all.  Will entertain group offers.
I will answer any and all questions.

See pics attached.

F/S:  1886 Victor 52” Highwheel/Ordinary  $5350

Overman Wheel Company/ Boston
Tangent spoking.  Solid strong spokes and rims ready to ride. One spoke head broken off at the front hub on the front wheel. 
Original pedals
Replaced saddle and grips
#6742 stamped on front
Has brake and brake lever.
Original name badge.
Rear wheel 19”
Tire rubber seems ok for riding.  No loose rubber.
Looks like original step but cannot be sure.

I believe this bicycle is ready to ride. 

No shipping of this bicycle unless buyer makes all arrangements.  Local pick up or catch up at regional Wheelmen meet.  Bike is located on near south side of Indy near the airport.

Will be glad to answer any and all questions.

This very nice complete and rideable Kennedy Repop is currently listed on eBay under the same title.  Starting bid is $3400.  Feel free to contact me with interest and questions.

Yes, the Star has been sold. Thank you for everyone’s interest. It was my goal to get it out of the barn and a chance at a new life as a part of our bicycle heritage. I’m 100% sure that the deal will go down but if for any reason it should not you wheelmen will be the first to know. 

 I have a racing style Light weight 85/86 American Star listed on eBay.  See the ebay listing for details and photos.

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