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The purchaser of the Thorsen tandem purchased at the swap meet of the recent Oberlin Annual Meet would like to know who sold it to him. He is a new member and didn't know who it was. He has cleaned the tandem up and wanted to show the seller.
If someone knows the seller's name, you could send me an e-mail and I'll pass it along.

I've been told that the calendar item in the recent Newsletter is off by one year.
The Wheelmen will be in the 2019 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade  - that's NEXT year.

To make it easier for future researchers to know who was at the 51st Annual Meet of The Wheelmen in Oberlin, Ohio, the names of those in the group photo are being collected. If you were there and you're not on the list, please send your name and ID number to me at:  Thanks!
Download a copy here:
More detailed version:

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For official Wheelmen events, let's dress the part as well as riding antique bicycles (or accurate repros). 

The Handbook does allow discretion during a century ride for the rider's comfort and safety in terms of outfit. 

But for OHWT / OAST rides, proper attire should be worn.  Members without appropriate attire should ride at the back of the column and not mix up with folks in appropriate attire.

I know that my outfit is not tailored nor perfect but is not a modern jersey or blue jeans. 
For some parades with known hazards or OHWT rides in unknown territory, I've been known to use a modern helmet for my personal safety.

The Ohio Wheelmen invite Wheelmen to the biennial regional meet at Sauder Village just outside Archbold, Ohio. This popular meet is free to Wheelmen who pre-register for the Saturday and Sunday meet. The dates this year are August 4 & 5. If you need information to pre-register, send an e-mail to the Ohio Captain at:

Riding demonstrations and exhibits will be in the village green each day and Wheelmen are welcome to tour the village.

The meet will include a multi-lap century on Saturday on quiet country roads. A great location for your first century (or your second or ...)

Early Sunday morning, join us for an OHWT to Sunday's market and hear the history of the store and town.

Put Mackinac Island on your calendar for the Michigan Wheelmen's Regional Meet in 2019.

Just a reminder that the registration fee for the Annual Meet will increase July 7.

Information to assist you in planning your trip is here:
The Meet schedule will be updated at this file location:
Caution!  A very out-of-date schedule is shown on the registration page:

C. W. Savage in the photo was a noted racer in Oberlin and had positions with Oberlin College.

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