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General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: Wheelmen 49 years ago???
« on: February 20, 2019, 09:21:35 PM »
I'm pretty sure folks out here will recognize the riders.

Make plans to re-visit Greenfield Village for the Old Car Festival this September. Good time for the weekend.

From Stephen via an e-mail since he is having trouble with his Message Board log-in:

I'm still alive.  Stuff is everywhere.  I bought my new house on Oct 4th, but haven't had time to move in.  Half of the Wheelmen stuff/magazines are there.  The other half here, at the "old" house.  Every time I have a showing, all the paperwork, mail, kids schoolpapers, etc, all gets thrown in a box & put away, to have a neat house. 

I'm sure I have Brian Austin's request, plus one from Dave Gray, and a few others, including one who pre-sent a check. 

I feel that I am doing a disservice to the Club, for not responding in a timely manner, for not updating publications, for not being more active in generating funds for the Club.   But, the club doesn't seem to have enough volunteers now.  I've put out feelers for a replacement.  Carey mentioned he has storage space, but that's not necessarily the problem.  I don't know who in the club would take on the storage space PLUS Sales job.  Someone that will be at Copake, & National Meets to sell, plus be on the watch for buying old/rare issues back for the Club, to sell at a premium.  So, I muster on, when I can.   

I will try to reach out to Brian, Dave, and the others that have made requests, as soon as I can.

Stephen Hartson

Okay, the program will be Bob Jameson talking about a tandem he restored for the museum.
Otherwise, showing, trading, swapping, selling, buying will be rampant on the third floor all day.

Welcome, Giovanni!

You said: "Springfield is a 100 mile drive from Sedalia,"

How far is it from Springfield to Sedalia by high wheel?   

Oh, wait, never mind, it's SOUTH of Sedalia.   <rats> <curses, foiled again>

A newish Wheelmen member is in need of cranks for an '85 / '86 Columbia Light Roadster.
Does anyone have a pair (or one?) sitting around?

Asking for a friend.


General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: Advice on threads
« on: January 22, 2019, 10:21:19 PM »
The nut threads onto the axle.
The axle threads are 'buggered' up a bit.
After further examination, I'm going to (try to) disassemble the hub and get a new axle made.  The more interior threads will be more easily measured than these outer ones.
It's a tough life being a axle.
On the other hand, the wheel is in good shape with a solid wood rim and a tire (19-teens) that holds air so it may stay 'original' for show when I am not riding it. I'll make up a rideable set of wheels for it that look old but solid for riding.
Front rim needs a 'little' attention (see last photo).

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Advice on threads
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:56:41 PM »
I am working on a ca 1896 Lenox safety and have trouble with the rear axle.
I thought the threads were 3/8" x 24 but the nut doesn't thread onto a new bolt of that size.
The axle threads are 'rough' so it's hard to get an accurate count and my thread gauge doesn't have every pitch. I have 20, 24, 27, and 28. 
The threading is close to 24 and a new 3/8" x 24 bolt goes about a thread or two into the nut.
Was a 22 pitch or 25 pitch usual back in the 90's?

It looks like a variation of the Morgan patent chain. ... . It might be my imagination, but it appears that some of the bushings are oval shaped instead of being concentric. .......

Thanks, Craig!  I see now.

It might take a little work to get the two sprockets into alignment. They are slightly non-planar. I had rotated the mechanism holding the front sprocket so the lower edges are more aligned.  I have to await better weather for more road-testing! 

I have thought of replacing all those cylinders if they are warped and have lengthened the pitch.

This chain is on a ca 1884 Mascotte tricycle.  The chain is comprised of steel cylinder sections connected by U-shaped rods, flat plates, and tiny cotter pins.
It has a tendency to roll off the sprockets and jam. I have tried re-aligning the front and rear sprockets and also measuring the pitch to see if it is 'stretched'.

Has anyone else had experience with a chain like this?

No, that is not mine.

Is this your carrier and previous automobile my daughter took a photo of while traveling? I don't see the diagonal bracing though. Must be a Wheelmen as it is an original antique bicycle. Can't make out the yellow and black lettered license plate. If not Richard's, who claims it? I did send some photos of my design carrier to someone years ago and maybe it is that person?
Mike Cates, CA.

Son-in-law and I built one with square tube into the receiver and a cross-piece channel for wheels to rest in. A vertical brace with angle cross-piece at nearly the top of the forks. This was all welded and is one piece. I use a locking pin when installing it on the car.

Foam pipe insulation is installed on steel pieces where the bicycle is nearby. Also, a piece of foam insulation is put in across tire/rim in the channel to avoid tire shifting sideways in channel.

I use woven nylon bicycle toe straps to hold my bikes on my rear rack.  One such strap on fork at top cross-piece. One strap on each wheel in channel. One on backbone to the upper cross-piece.  One strap on a angled cross-brace to the front wheel to keep it from turning.

Does this bicycle make my car look small?

A few years ago, though, I did buy a new high wheel carrier - a 2014 Chrysler Town & Country.  I put it inside. If too much other stuff is inside (e.g. wife's modern tricycle), the high wheel goes on the rear rack.  I have loaded two safeties, a Fairy trike, AND the 56" Expert inside along with exhibit material for events.

From Bill Smith, Michigan Captain:

As some of you already know, Michigan Wheelmen member, Paul Grimshaw, passed away unexpectedly on January 3rd. Arrangements have been made. Visitation will be at 2:00 on Monday, January 7, at Heeny-Sundquist in Farmington. The service will follow at 3:00. Food reception will follow at Peterlins on Farmington Rd. Paul was a member of The Wheelmen for many years. He will be missed.

From Walter Branche on FaceBook:

Today  is very upsetting, my friend PAUL GRIMSHAW PASSED AWAY this morning. He was a true friend, very talented, REAL as you could ever be, loved by everyone he ever met, we rode our 1880s highwheel bikes across America together. This has punched me in the gut, like I have never felt. I LOVE ya my BROTHER OF THE WHEEL AND LIFE!

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