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maybe I didn't make my point very clear.  My point isn't about paying sales tax, we all have heard about this coming to online transactions for a long time now.

My point is about the sales tax paid: you can't get it back!  Unlike when you buy something at the hardware store down the road or at the building supply store across town; When you 'return for refund' those items you get both the merchandise price AND the sales tax refunded. With an eBay purchase refund, you get ONLY the merchandise amount refunded, NOT the sales tax. Once it is collected by eBay you'll never see it again.

I'm in the process of protesting directly to eBay this unfair policy. We'll see what happens.  I'll post here the contact information if you want to join me in this protest.

I just learned the hard way, when you make an eBay purchase from a seller who collects sales tax, eBay won't refund the sales tax portion of the purchase when you have a 'return'. The eBay supervisor I spoke with told me the sales tax is collected for the state and they (eBay) can't return it to the purchaser.  Usually this isn't a large amount of money, but it could be huge on a collectible/rare bicycle. I'm going to avoid any seller who charges/collects sales tax.  :(

You didn't mention the length you need. many 26" wheel used 10 5/8".  If that's what you are looking for, I have had these for sale on eBay from time to time, I don't have any right now, but keep watching eBay. I've seen other bike guys selling them also.  ;)

built mine for nothing except the time to wire-feed weld the square tubes from a 'loft bed' I got at the local recycling center. I built it on receiver hitch bike carrier tongue. the only thing I don't care for is, it rocks towards and away from the car when driving on rolling surface. I made a stabilizer bar to go from the minivan spoiler to the hiwheel handle bar to keep it in check. When the temperature gets above zero I'll put it on the minivan and submit another photo of the highwheel in the carrier.

I agree Craig and I've done this myself using both hex-heads from donor bolts and also new 'hex stock'. I had to make my own 3/8 x 24 nuts for New Departure rear axles, found they are actually 3/8" plus .010. I was able to buy a new tap in the correct size. The way I use it attempting to extend its life, I first drill the hole then tap with a standard 3/8 x 24 tap size, then I tap again with the 3/8 +.010 " tap.
I found some old axles are well used/worn and don't even need the plus .010" nuts, standard 3/8 x 24 nuts will work fine.

this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. A brand new hundred twenty year old bike. What a joy to go back in time!

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: Antique bicycle dreams
« on: November 19, 2018, 12:37:21 PM »
Great story Craig. Now my mental picture of you is of a much younger man than I thought you were! That sprinting up and down stairs would have done me in, I'm 73 years young with a Afib, so I'm left behind often, I must pace myself in attempt to keep up with my kids.  Good to hear you obliterated your nightmare!

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: the black coffee show
« on: November 18, 2018, 08:17:13 PM »
Wayne, I wonder why you would be interested in opening the link if you don't know what it is. That's a good way to pickup a virus. And why would you pass it on for the rest of us to try, does it somehow pertain to bicycles?

Craig, sounds like Diane is going to be able to supply your needs, but I think UPS is a much easier solution for shipping. The rims can be wrapped in cardboard and shipped for a pretty reasonable fee with UPS, I bet they even pickup from Diane now.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: what happened to our club?
« on: October 31, 2018, 05:18:03 PM »
I agree with Brad. My little boy draws pictures and posts them on Facebook.
I'm going to post some photographs, I think they are much better than my sons pictures.
the trouble with pictures, first you must draw them, then photograph them (or scan them), then convert them to a jpeg or gif file, then upload that file to the site.

Following the 'easy peasy' instructions Richard posted, I have loaded a pic followed by a photograph. I'm partial to the photograph as compared to a pic.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / what happened to our club?
« on: October 27, 2018, 01:20:59 AM »
I check this web site once a day, I think I'm the only one still watching. Is everyone else who used to be here out spending their lottery winnings? (or in jail?)

Dick, I see your ladies bike sold, I hope the price you received will allow you to continue your wonderful restoration work. The world needs your restored bicycles! ! ! !  :)

Interesting information on grips. I must say I've never seen T grips even though I've seen hundred of High Wheels over the last 20 years, never too late to learn something new.

Does anyone one have a T grip photo they can post?

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