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Richard, you are 'funny guy'. You are the one common thread between these incidents as you pointed with your "oh, no". I've pondered this over and over again and I don't think it is you, I think it is just a dang mystery! I'm using 9 or 11 gauge wire form home depot, I don't even know what it is now 'cause it's been so long since I put it in there. So there you have, I'm no help!

yesterday you said you had an 'epiphany' which sounded to me like you were going to tell us something you just realized that might be causing the wire breakage.

good tip Craig, for those of us who don't have a lathe, a drill press will suffice, as the thing spins you can carefully hold a file against the surface you want to remove, be careful and stop periodically to examine the results.
This works on spoke nipples too!

Richard, your description of this high wheel has me wondering why do you feel it needs a new wheel? After riding it 3,500 miles it seems it has proven itself. Tire wire breaking to me doesn't seem to indicate the need for a new wheel. What am I missing? ? ?    :)

Craig, sounds like Diane is going to be able to supply your needs, but I think UPS is a much easier solution for shipping. The rims can be wrapped in cardboard and shipped for a pretty reasonable fee with UPS, I bet they even pickup from Diane now.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: what happened to our club?
« on: October 31, 2018, 05:18:03 PM »
I agree with Brad. My little boy draws pictures and posts them on Facebook.
I'm going to post some photographs, I think they are much better than my sons pictures.
the trouble with pictures, first you must draw them, then photograph them (or scan them), then convert them to a jpeg or gif file, then upload that file to the site.

Following the 'easy peasy' instructions Richard posted, I have loaded a pic followed by a photograph. I'm partial to the photograph as compared to a pic.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / what happened to our club?
« on: October 27, 2018, 01:20:59 AM »
I check this web site once a day, I think I'm the only one still watching. Is everyone else who used to be here out spending their lottery winnings? (or in jail?)

Dick, I see your ladies bike sold, I hope the price you received will allow you to continue your wonderful restoration work. The world needs your restored bicycles! ! ! !  :)

Interesting information on grips. I must say I've never seen T grips even though I've seen hundred of High Wheels over the last 20 years, never too late to learn something new.

Does anyone one have a T grip photo they can post?

Richard, anyone who can ride this wheel is a star in my book! (By the way, those are two wonderful clear photos of the numbers on the frame!)

this is interesting information for shipping.  I went to their web page and noticed the following restrictions.

Fastenal Packaging Standards: Shipments must be fully enclosed inside wooden or metal crate, forklift accessible not to exceed 72” in length, width or height. No hazmat, fluids or forbidden commodities of any kind.

This rules out shipping bicycles in cardboard shipping cartons as I do with UPS, but, I'm sure for a large hiwheel it will work nicely.

Holy cow, the administrator is super fast at correcting problems with the new SMF site. I asked a question the other day regarding making changes to our 'posts' and the inability there-of. Mark immediately jumped on the problem and fixed it. Now I can make changes/modify my posts even from a week ago, even after others have responded to my post.  Wow, this is wonderful. Thanks Mark and others who have worked on this.

Tammy, thank you for sending the photo of the decals. thank you ;D

I think the tire diameters went in increments. So the smallest was 10", then 12", then jumped to 16" then to 20". I think a good rough measurement to chose a tire size is to measure the remaining rim diameter and then add 3" and judge if that process yields a 10', 12" 16" or 20" size. Of course using a wire on tire is easier. I can install a wire on if you send me the wheel.

Why can't I edit my message an hour after I post it?

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