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Test photo upload. My Andrae before I started working on it.

@ Dave Toppin, I just uploaded this very large photo file and had no issues, and did not have to re-enter the security stuff. Give it a try now. Make sure when you log in that you set the log in time high.

Test photo upload. My Andrae before I started working on it.

I have removed the image size restrictions and the number of images per post restriction. I will just need to watch to see how fast the web site is growing so that we do not run out of space.

I am still looking for the setting that has to do with re entering the security stuff. Not sure where that setting is.

We have the password set to the highest level to protect them from being hacked.

The password must be at least eight characters long, and can not be part of a users name or email address.
The password must also contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters, and at least one number.

I just looked at the setting for attachments and it was very small. 128 K per item and 198 K total per post. I upped it to 200 K per attachment and 1000 K per post. So now one can attach 5 200 k pix to one post. how does that sound to everyone?

Use the attachment button to add photos!

We are certainly going to look into a way to get the information from the previous forum set up some how. Not sure on how to go about that yet. But we are looking into it.

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