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Hello all,    I also had problems but eventually realized that if I reduced the file size it shouldld work. And it did.  There are a few ways to reduce the file size.  Crop the photos I think helps.  Reduce the resolution is the best I think.  Other more knowledgable computer types may know other ways.
Good luck,

Thank you Seth and  ?

Thank you Tyson  will follow that line.

Here is another approach to mounting a bag on a backbone.
 First photo shows bracket on the back of MIP bag.  I made a dozen MIP bags about 25 years ago. But only 1 of these brackets.
 Second photo shows how top of bag mates with the spring. 
Removal takes about 6 seconds.  Just back off the large knurled Nut then slide the strap out of the wood bar and the bag is in your hands with nothing left on the bike.
Bottom photo shows the bracket removed from the MIP bag.  It is aluminium and Stainless steel.  Mounts in 2 pockets sewn into the back of the bag
It works very well but involves a bit of work to make.

Yes I used the wrong terminology.  Im interested in the small chain wheel with crank axle.  It is the smallest chain wheel in the photo of all the parts.
Did you buy that lot   #546?

Does any one know who purchased at Copake April 2019  Lot No. 546,  2 boxes miscellaneous bicycle parts.  Several crank sets, chain guards, Etc.  Im interested in buying one of the parts if available.  Could not stay long enough to bid.

Thank you   Ron Miller        902 354 4288

These pedal rubbers are now available.  See 2 photos below.   There are 8 required for 1 pair of pedals.  The price is  $80.00  for 8 parts.
I will need  8  metal cores from your pedals.  They should be clean no old rubber on or inside.  If you are replating the pedals the cores should be plated.
 They can not be plated when the rubber is on them.
This style pedal rubber was used on many pedals  Queen, King, Banner, Grothe  etc. etc.  I do not know how many.

To  55inchwheel,

I do not normally answer emails that are not signed.  This is an exception.

I thought  F/S was fairly obvious since it was in the section called   "Board for buying and
-- selling --  Wheelmen goods and services".   But not obvious to all.

Im not at all sure who you are since you are one of these modern people who do not reveal their name.

So I looked it up  "Why no name"    Wn².

    Wn² -- Ashamed of your name ?
    Wn² -- Witness protection program ?
    Wn² -- Criminal not wanting to arouse suspicion ?
    Wn² -- Done something in the neighbourhood that Stinks ?
    Wn² -- Turned in a neighbour for something that Stinks ?
    Wn² -- On police suspect list for something that Stinks ?
    Wn² -- Owe someone a LOT ?
    Wn² -- Don't know your name ?
    Wn² -- Don't want to admit to your name ?

And we could go on and on --

I assume you have figured out what  F/S is by now.    The previous post was a dead give away.

Ron Miller

Acurate Reproductions  they both span  1887 to 1892    for photos and prices see Web site    go to  Saddles.    Thank you for Looking.    Ron Miller.

I have an 1895 to 1900  Quadrant tricycle.    But it is restored.

Would like to buy 2 pairs of Queen pedals 1887 0r 1888.  Preferably in good condition but will take anything.  Even 1 pedal.

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