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I don't see any problem with using the wheels and tires for meets As far as removing the lettering Iam not sure what works best. I have used black marker to cover white Lettering on black tires. But going the other way not sure.

Still have a couple

still have a couple.


Not sure this will work for you but might. Take oiler out and see if to can stick a rod in the hole as it might come apart like the early columbia cranks you jam the crank and then unsrew the crankarms . One will be righthand thread the other left.. I have need seen that crank style in a Cleveland? You never no till you try.

635 is a UK size. 622 is a more common modern size  both called 28 rims

I don't think they will stretch on to the 30 inch rims I have  pair that I got some time ago and could not get them on the wood rims i wanted to put them on.  If you are interested in them get back to me .  They are 28 inch and if you are going to splice them on, the pair would work for one rim.

I totally agree move on.

As you say it does happen. I got rear ended last summer with 2 1890,s bikes on my bike rack. Was not a good day. One bike is being repaired the other hoping to find another frame. I did make out okay with my insurance . Also had 3 other bikes in the rear of my Rav4 and they where okay . Also no blood which was the good thing.

Might be a    New Mail  Made in Boston  1890

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: what happened to our club?
« on: October 27, 2018, 12:58:00 PM »
 I had no problem  posting 6 pictures at on time.

Tammy has posted her email and would be glad to send pictures  if your interested. I don.t see a problem .

 For sale New Sager B2 Saddle   I made and sold about 11 of these Saddles and still have a couple. All parts are new and made by me . Saddle is 11 long 8 wide inches The seat post clamp and rear spring mount are not nickeled and will leave that for buyer. All parts where water jet cut. 325.00 US plus what ever it cost to mail.any question just ask and I will try and help.  Get back to me here or

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« on: September 24, 2018, 08:47:54 AM »
Got hold of Bill . He was a great help and  got what I needed.Most appreciated

Still hopng to find the 12 3/8 length. I did make some spokes and did not need that tool.

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