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will some one send an email message to all current message board members when the new message board is active?

Tyson, I've looked at your photos and pondered a modern day part that you could use. I have a couple English bikes from the 1950s, I haven't checked their bearing cups tpi, but I envision turning them around and inserting the cups backwards to put the bearings on the outside like yours. It would be easy to weld a little lip on the outside of the English bike cups (if their diameter is what your need.)


I have used  a dremel sanding disk to carefully remove the black letters

Don't feel bad about having C.R.S. it's common with our age. I listed a camera on eBay when someone wrote asking for more information I couldn't even find the thing. Now I think I sold it last year and just reran an old listing. Or I put it in a good place so I wouldn't lose it and just forgot where it is.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: New TheWheelmen "look"
« on: December 10, 2019, 10:53:17 AM »
I just found a quick way to get to the discussion board. Navigate to it and then add it to your 'favorites', from then on just use this new favorites link without going through the home page.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / New TheWheelmen "look"
« on: December 10, 2019, 10:49:06 AM »
I don't like it, the previous design worked just fine and we all were comfortable with it, now I must search for the message board, maybe in a couple months it will be second nature.

I hope my remarks aren't taken the wrong way, but these high wheels don't sell for a lot of money, you can buy almost the same thing brand new for a low price from Greg Baron.  As for how or where to sell it, eBay and Craigslist often have these listed.  Search on those two sites and you'll probably find one from time to time and you can see what others are asking for theirs and set your asking price accordingly.

Just in time for Christmas! Give one as a gift or request one from your loved ones as a gift for yourself.  ;D

Wayne could you post a photo of yours when you have a free moment ????
With that we could all do our own comparison to decide if this one is what we think it is.

for a good spoke source I would consider Greg Barron at
for a tool to remove the tire there isn't anything made specifically for this, use whatever you have such as a tire tool for a modern bicycle. If you remove and reinstall your tire without tightening the wire inside, your tire is probably now too loose, I'd be careful riding it in this condition. Greg Barron can supply you with a new tire and new wire and also he has the wire puller for sale.  If you don't want to buy the wire puller, I have one I will gladly loan you, it has been used successfully many times. (you can even copy it to have your very own!)

Nyle, some wheelmen have made a shipping carton for doing exactly what you propose. I think one Wheelmen even sells the cartons large enough for a 56". I made one using two full size bike cartons slipped together and taped with fiberglass reinforced tape. The whole thing doesn't weight more than 70 pounds and can be shipped by UPS and FedEx.

I always buy from Greg Barron 'The Wheelmen' member who has a nice web page at  He has never failed me in my requests for highwheel/hardtire stuff.  There is only one problem, with the size I use, 3/4" tire rubber is heavy, costs a bundle to ship!

Thanks for your formula Paul! ! !  I managed a Schwinn Store back in the 1960s, we had many turn of the century bikes in our collection and also many European bikes brought over after the war by returning service men. Periodically we would get questions from bike owners on how to replace the original tires to make the bike rideable.  Often we would find a single-tube tire that would work/fit even on clincher rims. I think now days there are even more tires available through internet searches. But still it often come down to 'trial and error' as you said.

thank you for your insightful information Paul, but I still didn't find the answer to Mikes question about the ISO 635.

I wonder if anyone can post a link to the photos you reference?

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