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We have another new member here in CT needing a 48" bike. I took my 48" Columbia Expert to her house last Saturday and she rode it well. She is a really cool younger lady, and is going to be a great addition to our group. She likes antiques and is gonna fit in nicely. It's important that we be vigilant in trying to move the next generation into enjoying our hobby. She really wants an original bike, but I think she may consider a 48" Victory if black and the price was fair. Ok to text or call me at 203 671-6635 Thanks. Alan

SAVE THIS DATE! MAY 18th. This will be our first CT Wheelmen 10 mile tour this year! WE will be touring Milford, CT. The event will be hosted by Bill and Nyle Blanck. Refreshments to follow. I'm kicking around a weekend in Keene, NH also some time during the summer. I'm hoping fall will take us to Mystic, CT, for and event that may coincide with a Cour de Elegance I've been told about. I'm hoping to throw in a mother 1 or 2 this year also. ALL WHEELMEN ARE INVITED! If you've never been to one of these you're missing out. They are lots of fun.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Sloping top tube
« on: October 21, 2018, 10:27:22 PM »
i saw this cabinet card on ebay. I haven't seen too many old bikes with sloping top tubes. Can someone identify this one? I'm also curious about what other manufacturers were making safeties around this time period with sloping top tubes. Can someone that has ridden one share their experience with how they ride and handle? Was this just a passing fad that didn't make much of a difference? Thanks.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / CT Wheelmen 10 Mile Tour #3 2018
« on: September 12, 2018, 06:03:48 PM »
We're headed to Norwalk, CT for a 10 Mile Tour! This will be the 3rd for the year. These rides have been very enjoyable. We've ridden East Haven, and Milford so far. We usually have around 15 riders. All are invited. Drag that old bike out and come ride with us. This is the area longtime Wheelman member Jim Miller frequently rides. We will meet 9am Sunday Sept 30th 9am at 1 Fullin Rd., Norwalk, CT.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Be nice.
« on: September 05, 2018, 04:41:33 PM »
At one of our recent parades, I was reminded about how much Jim Spillane was doing to try to push this hobby into the next generation. There was a young man there riding one of the "bumpys" Jim built. i was told they were passed around from child to child as the kids grew. Nobody had to buy them. He just loaned them out. That's just one of the many things I've heard about Jim that impressed me. I wish I had known him. I think we would have gotten along wonderfully.

When i first joined this club, it was very difficult for me to find someone who would even consider selling me a bike. My wanted ad was up on the previous website for nearly a year before I finally got a high wheel if I remember correctly. It may have been longer. I know there have been discussions about this topic but the truth is, if we want this club to continue, we have to take new members under our wing and help them, and try or best to get our next generation interested in what we enjoy.

One last comment. If you have a bike in your collection that you haven't either ridden, or taken somewhere to display in the last 10 years, consider passing it on to someone who actually wants to ride it. I'm not saying give it to them. I've yet to see a Wheelman that had to be concerned about where their next meal came from. Be fair. Be nice.

I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience building an Eagle, or a Star. A Star would understandably be more complicated. But an Eagle may be a bit less complicated. It wouldn't be too hard to find a larger wheel, with crank arms and pedals. Smaller front wheel could be attained also. It's the frame that would have to be built, bars, and the steering designed. Anyone have any experience with that?

In search of rideable Pony Star, or possibly 46" Eagle. Have bikes that could be used for trade, or cash.

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