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General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: LAW head badge on a bike
« on: March 09, 2020, 06:18:02 AM »
Jesse McCauley has an LAW badged bike similar to this badge.

Ron Miller, good detective work, permitted file type and size would good information to know before creating a post. I looked under the Wheelmen site Help menu but this is all that I could find "The permitted file types and sizes are set by the forum administrator". Absolutely no indication of what those requirements might be. It would be very helpful if the administrator would provide the file type and size requirements at the top of the forum page or at least in the help menu so we know before hand what file types and sizes will work and what will not.

I am looking for two crank bearing cups for a G&J Rambler bicycle circa 1897. I expect a few years prior/post will likely use the same cups.

Strangely enough as far as I can tell both cups are right hand threaded which doesn't make sense to me because it seems like one should be left hand thread but maybe Rambler did not start using left hand threads on crank bearing cups in 1897.

The crank bearing cups measure 1.4218 (1-27/64") on outside of the threaded area.
Threads per-inch aligns perfectly with 26TPI on a thread gauge.

I found this information on the internet:
Raleigh: 1 3/8" x 26 TPI and other brands like Rudge.
Chater Lea: 1.45" x 26 TPI another old British spec.

Both Raleigh and Chater Lea use the same 26TPI but neither seem to be correct for diameter.

If anyone else has dealt with this problem of replacing crank bearing cups on a Rambler bicycle, what did you use for replacements? Did you find a modern equivalent that worked if you could not find original cups?

If anyone has the proper cups or possibly a parts Rambler to sell please let me know.
email: year1890 (at)
Or send me a message through the Wheelmen website

bsmithy2k, I have purchased several of these Cleveland, Ohio built replica Boneshakers over the years one for myself and others for friends that wanted one. Typically the ones I found were in slightly better condition (less rust) than the one you have pictured. In my personal experience they typically sell for about half the cost of a new and still available "Standard" model The most I have ever paid for one that looked nearly new was $600 and the least I have ever paid was $200 for one that needed some work. Others I have purchased were somewhere in that range as well so that may give you an idea what your Boneshaker Highwheel bike may bring, likely somewhere in that range.

I too see no problem using those as rider wheels at Wheelmen meets. They look pretty good to me. I have seen much less accurate looking wheels with nexus 7-speed hubs used and not much was said about it.

As for the black lettering on the cream/white tires I have seen it painted over with paint similar to tire color. I have not personally tried to do that so not sure what paint was used but I have seen it done.

Search/Google "Electra Amsterdam Tire" you will find them offered by several different sellers.

Here are a couple in concept anyway, not sure if either were ever produced.

What Copake might do is forward your contact information to the buyer rather than reveal who the buyer was.

I was recently contacted by Copake and given a name and contact information of someone who was interested in one of the items I purchased. This gave me the option to reply to the requester or not my choice but Copake did not reveal to the requester who I the buyer was.

Kurt, This is the only reference I could find.

No. 51 Dave Metz Collection pg. 13

Paul, Thank you for your reply. I believe the juvenile bike may be overall in other dimensions smaller than what I am looking for considering an adult plans to ride it. I also think I will also pass on the 1894 project bike for the moment, I have found a bike which may work for my purposes. If for some reason the bike I found doesn't work I will be in contact to discuss your bikes further. Thank you, Tyson

I am looking for a turn of the century woman's bicycle with a short frame preferably 15"-17" inches from center of crank to top of frame seatpost tube. I might even consider an 18" frame but no larger than that.

I would prefer a bicycle in good complete condition but will consider most anything that meets the frame measurement requirement.

I do plan to attend Copake NY and Memory Lane OH, and AnnArbor/Saline MI swap meets in April this year so if you have something that meets my requirements please let me know.

email: year1890@aol  dot  com

I spotted one of Greg Barron's Rideable Replica bicycles in Stargate Atlantis - Season 3 Episode 15 - The Game.

Actor’s dialog though is funny because the historic timeline is so far off, A highwheel bicycle in the Renaissance Era? I think not.

View on facebook the October 24, 11:05 AM post from Victory Bicycles regarding their closing.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Re: Early pedal photo
« on: August 29, 2018, 07:34:47 AM »
I question if the photo is even real. Looks like a possible Photoshop job to me, why otherwise would the bicycle wheels and woman's hair overlap the black border of the photograph?

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