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mike cates:
CLEVELAND BEVEL GEAR CHAINLESS SHAFT DRIVE LADIES BICYCLE (Exact year still to be determined) manufactured by the H.A.Lozier Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

Older restoration started but never completed. Frame and forks are in gloss black automotive enamel paint and all other parts are nickel plated as originally done.

I have the nickel plated handlebars somewhere and am looking for them.

Missing are: rims, spokes and tires that will complete this rare shaft driven bicycle.

It is the complimentary match to the Man's model of the same year.

Note, the staggered holes in the original hubs that are approximately 3/16" diameter. This is similar to a Columbia direct pull porcupine hub but the original porcupine barrels from this bicycle are missing They would not be a hard part to make by using a 3/16" steel flat head rivet that could be cross-drilled for the spoke diameter and counter sunk for the spoke head.

This bicycle would have 28" diameter tires front and rear.

The seat is uncommon with the lateral or transverse flat spring and is unique in it's design.

Bike is dusty from storage and is waiting for YOU to bring it back to life.

$3850.00 plus shipping cost.

I ship world wide and have a 100% POSITIVE SHIPPING RECORD for years from my buyers.

I can pack in regular bicycle cardboard boxes OR make a wooden crate and only charge for the plywood, 2 X 2's and screws to make it. I DO NOT CHARGE an additional labor charge to do this.

I can get shipping insurance if requested that will be added to the cost.

Mike Cates, CA.
(760) 473-6201 Voice Calls Only and I DO NOT TEXT.

mike cates:
I am now being informed from David Brown on the CABE that CLEVELAND had their own ball end spokes with rather large diameter ball ends that may have directly fit into the staggered holes in the hub and NOT use the porcupine barrels as Columbia did.
If anyone can chime in to help this issue with photos or catalog descriptions, that would educate us all. My catalogs on CLEVELAN only go up to 1897 and David feels this bicycle is later about 1900 or 1901.
Thank you,
Mike Cates, CA.

mike cates:
I have two more original CLEVELAND head badges like the one shown for sale if interested.
Mike Cates
(760) 473-6201 Voice Calls Only and No Texts Please


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