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Renewal reminder for membership in The Wheelmen


Just a reminder from the Membership Chairman about renewing your formal (i.e. REAL) membership in The Wheelmen organization.  Ability to read and post here on the message board does NOT necessarily mean you are a member of The Wheelmen.

You can renew (and join if you haven't been a member) from this website:

If you have a question about your membership status, sned me an e-mail at:

By the way, the first 2020 Newsletter has been delayed a bit due to swtiching printer companies (or something like that). .

Richard DeLombard
Your Friendly Membership Guy

Renewal update.

There was a snafu in my system to notify members of their renewal status via the Newsletter address block.  For members who had not renewed for 2020, there was to be the words 'renew now' in the address block. Those words were lost by the printer.

Today, I dropped off a big pile of postcards to those members who have not renewed from last year to this year.  If you receive one of these postcards in the next few days, we hope you'll renew with a check and form sent to the Treasurer (address on back of Newsletter) or on-line via:

Any questions about your status, drop me an e-mail at:

Richard DeLombard
The Membership Guy


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