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mike cates:
I have a 48" VICTORY reproduction high wheel bicycle in new condition. It is painted as originally done by VICTORY in their striking LaFrance fire truck red with black rims and the balance nickel plated. Red rubber tiring (the good stuff supplied to VICTORY by Ray Rittenhouse at the time). It features the optional hand brake lever with pivot, brake spoon and return spring which wasn't on all of the produced bicycles unless special ordered that way.
Perfect condition bicycle ready for a rider who wants something reliable and made from modern materials. Ask anyone who purchased a VICTORY and rides the heck out of theirs!
VICTORY is no longer making these fine reproductions and this is the last of the last and they won't be made again.
I will sell it at the original retail price of $4350 plus shipping cost that it was offered at from the now defunct VICTORY BICYCLES.

I haven't seen a bicycle like this offered at Copake Antique Bicycle Auction 2020.

I will get photos up soon.

Mike Cates, CA.
(760) 473-6201

mike cates:
Someone named John, if I am remembering correctly, phoned me but I deleted your phone number.
YES to your question if I can box in cardboard or build a wooden crate and ship the bicycle.

Here is my full contact information if you or someone else would rather pick up the bicycle.
Mike Cates
2257 Cameo Road,
Carlsbad, CA.  92008
(760) 473-6201

mike cates:


mike cates:


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