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mike cates:
Original 1883 and 1884 COLUMBIA catalogs just added to the FOR SALE inventory catalog listings.

The FIRST EDITION printed in 1956 of the hard bound book RIDING HIGH still in it's original color paper jacket has been added FOR SALE.

An amazing original hard bound book(only one I know of that exists) of original PATENTS FOR VELOCIPEDES 1830-1882 has been added FOR SALE.

Soon I will be compiling a list of original catalogs from independent bicycle parts manufacturing companies that specialized in supplying their parts/products to the major makers of bicycles dealing with: sprockets, bearings, cranks, pedals, pedal rubbers, handlebars, hand grips, frames and frame lugs, saddles, riding shoes, riding apparel, tires(solid and pneumatic), inner tubes, spokes, rims, hubs, wooden wheels, laced metal wheels, tools, chains, etc and cyclometers, lamps and sundries - ALL SPANNING FROM THE HIGH WHEEL ERA INTO THE TOC BICYCLE ERA.
There is a wealth of descriptive knowledge and pictorial information to be learned from all this original documentation to say the least.
Mike Cates
(760) 473-6201

mike cates:
Getting out all your requests for catalogs to you and still finding more catalogs, ad's and bicycle component manufacturers to the industry(frames, tires, saddles, wheels, chains, spokes, rims, handlebars, etc).
Keep your requests coming as this is a LOT of historical information that needs to accompany your bicycles or be in your library.
Mike Cates, CA.
(760) 473-6201 Voice Calls Only and No Texts Please

mike cates:
I just came across another 40 original antique bicycle catalogs and will get them listed in the PDF of my catalogs For Sale soon.
Email me to request a PDF of my current list of catalogs For Sale.
Mike Cates, CA.
(760) 473-6201 Voice calls only and no texts please

Hi Mike,
I'm looking for Demorest or Tivy catalogs out I Williamsport, Pa.  Thanks.  Kirby Shimp

mike cates:
I have the DEMOREST catalog.
Mike Cates
(760) 473-6201 Voice Calls Only and I DO NOT TEXT.


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