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mike cates:
 I am going through over 500 original antique bicycle catalogs and advertising flyers dating from 1870's to 1910's. All are in VERY GOOD to MINT original condition and have been properly stored vertically in plastic sleeves within hard back binders out of the heat and moisture in a smoke free home for decades.
Email me and I can send you a PDF of my inventory of catalogs.
If there is anything you are looking for, and it is not on the PDF I email you, please email me your WANT LIST as I am still finding catalogs that are not listed yet.
Mike Cates, CA.
(760) 473-6201 and No Texts Please

Did you get my e-mail asking about Mascotte tricycle info?
Dick DeLombard

Okay! Thanks. No hurry!

Paul Rubenson:
Hi Mike,
See my wanted post a few posts down.  I'm looking for a compelling Maryland image of a women riding in costume, ca. 1890's, preferably a medium or large sized advertising flyer, poster, or catalog cover.  The famous red Crawford poster would be ideal, but I'm open to anything with visual impact.  Time is short; the exhibit opens in a month but we haven't filled this need yet.
Thanks, Paul

mike cates:
I have almost everything listed in a PDF format thanks to Richard Delombard so you can email me and I can send you the listings of catalogs for sale.
Again, I still have about 200 more to record and will get to it when I can.
I will also monitor and remove SOLD CATALOGS from this list to keep it up to date.
Thanks for your patience,
Mike Cates
(760) 473-6201 No Texts Please


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