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WTB = Pedal for Safety Bicycle "wanted"


Kurt S.:
Wanted, a Bicycle pedal for a safety bicycle circa 1892.

Still looking for one of these pedals for the Lozier & Yost.

Can you please quote the thread size..Paul Adams

Kurt S.:
Just to clarify, this pedal does not thread into the crank arm, and does not have flat cut on the boss that engages the crank arm mounting holes.

The crank arm holes are circular cut at .562 inches dia.

The circular boss length prior to where the threading begins is approx 3/8" long (thickness of crank is 3/8").

The threaded portion beyond the boss/crank arm is 1/2 x 20 tpi.

Thanks again, Kurt


could you post a photo of the crank? (showing the pedal hole)

Kurt S.:
Here are a couple of photos of the crank.


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