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Craig - thank you for locating that Wheelmen article. I have that issue but I completely forgot there ever was an article about racks. However, I'm looking for less of a trailer and more of a hitch-mount rack where the bike is perpendicular to the car rather than parallel.  DelombardR and Carsontoropey- your racks sounds like the kind I want to make. Thanks for your comments. Greg - you have a lot of photos on your site! I'm slowly going through then to find the ones with racks.

All: I have used the inner-tube-on-the-roof method but without a roof rack the straps to hold everything in place chew up the door seals. (I went to the 2002 meet that way.) As I've gotten older the Expert I've had for the last 40 years seems to have gotten much heavier as I try to lift it; thus the desire for a rear hitch mount. 

Regarding accidents: I've never been rear-ended, but I have forgotten (once!) that I had the high wheel on the roof when I went into the garage. I slightly bent the handlebars that day.

Decades ago I had a VW Bus that I could squeeze the bike inside, but now I drive a Honda Fit. I miss that VW bus but not all the problems that came with it.

Anyone else out there with a carrier? I'm open to all comments and suggestions.

Do you have a trailer hitch highwheel carrier? I’m going to have one built and I want to learn from your experiences. What problems have you had using it? What did you like? What did you dislike? Anything you would have done differently? Photos or sketches appreciated but not necessary. (If there’s enough interest this may become a newsletter or magazine article.) Post here or email Robert Howe at if you want a private discussion. Thank you!

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