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Thanks Mike, I had no idea what he/she was talking about calling it a "rational", thanks for clarifying that.  Unfortunately the seller has no idea what he/she has or doesn't have.


The original price was $12,850 they dropped the price down to a still high $4850. Query with "Standard Columbia Antique High Wheel Bicycle Penny Farthing Rational Style"

The bike looks like a 52" or a 54" open head early model, could be 1879.  Most of the parts are there with the exception of the seat, one messed up pedal 6-10 missing spokes and new tire rubber all around.  The pictures are not of the areas we normally use to identify a bike.

Nice early model you have.  You might want to get in touch with Craig Allen (he should have a post on this forum), he can probably make you one.  It might take a little while to make it, but the workmanship will be excellent.  You might also try Ed Lee, he has a stable of bikes and might be able to make a copy.  Ed should be in the directory if he has not posted here.

I just looked at the setting for attachments and it was very small. 128 K per item and 198 K total per post. I upped it to 200 K per attachment and 1000 K per post. So now one can attach 5 200 k pix to one post. how does that sound to everyone?

With the newer higher resolution cameras we could blow through that setting with one picture.  The other alternative is for people to say hi-res pictures to a lower resolution.

Reid Mueller

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