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1889-70 Bone Shaker
« on: November 20, 2018, 07:10:45 AM »
Here's another bicycle/velocipede I pick up recently.  I do not find any markings that help w/ concrete documentation as to the maker. No holes in the frame where a makers tag may have been installed. This was sold to me as a Lakin Spring bike, I have posted elsewhere and some say it could be a Pickering and Davis but not 100% sure but some similarities possible.

It's been repainted at some point in it's life, but not a full blown restore as they painted over some very rough spots, killer patina on this survivor, I'm not sure about the pinstriping or filigree which is present in some areas of the velocipede. 

Can someone here chime in on your thoughts on a possible maker?  When found the handle bars were turned around making the spring area touch the spring in front of the seat, I spun the bars and front tire around and moved the seat forward this has corrected where it touched and I think is correct at this time. The last picture is where the handlebar was hitting the frame at the spring and before I turned it around.

Any input would be appreciated as to a maker, possible links or photos of a similar velo etc.

Thank you - Mike
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