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Richard,  It would be nice if the administrator would do a detailed outline of the way to post photos on this site. How ever I believe the administrator of this site does not care. I am a computer dummy and I have tried many time and this site will not accept my attachments.


Yes Dick,  You are not the only one with the inability to post photos on this sight. If a census was taken, probably 75% of the membership is unable to post attachments. That being said, I will bet you a cup of coffee nothing will be done to rectify this problem. It has been going on for a long time. Now, this is one reason there is no activity on this site any more. You are better off posting on the CABE. Man I will tell you that site is the best to post, read etc. with no difficulty at all. If this issue is not rectified, The Wheelmen may as well shut this sight down and save the money and effort put forth. Hope your doing well Dick.

  Wayne R.Batten

Thanks all for the replies. As I was writing my request, my wife said we have that book. And then she handed it to me.
And now the rest of the story.      Good Day.
                                                              I may be coming down with   C.R.S.

Looking for the book, Early Cycle Lighting, by Peter Card

Thanks Richard, That does not work.


I tried to post a photo of my childs boneshaker, but this site would not except my attachments. Mine is identical to the one on ebay.

You are correct. It is a reproduction made around 25-30 years ago. I found one back then, and still have it.


Wow,  Good eye. I do recall a family growing up. I remember the family well. I knew them as the Chlorine family. There was a set of twin boys, Joey and Johnny Chlorine. Unfortunately the boys were split up at the age of 11. The parents were unable to care for both boys. I believe Johnny was the one sent to an orphanage in Arizona. Unknown what ever happened to the family after Johnny was sent away. I think the family may have moved south towards Florida.

Here Here, Brad . This youngin

What about the brake arm pivot mounted on the handle bar. OH, I must be mistaken maybe it is a fishing pole holder or an American Flag holder bracket or something else.

So, put on your big boy panties and bring it to Copake swap meet for the real collectors to critique it for you.

Craig,   I agree. Corresponded with Mr. Colby regarding the Star. But he has it all figured out. Please see The Cabe, Comments about this machine.

Be prepared to pay sales tax when a company has a physical location in the state you live in.Not all states may be on board to this yet but it is coming. Many states are going to crack down on the small ebay sellers also. I live in N.J., deal with a company in Maine and have to supply them with a tax exemption form.

    Not really sure, but they may have also produced pool water related goods. Such as snorkels, scuba fins and masks.

Very sad to here. Paul was always a lot of fun and new how to party. He will be joining all the Mr. Chips he has had over the years. Paul is now in Wheelmen Heaven with the rest of deceased Wheelmen. Rest in Peace brother.

Wayne & Kim Batten

    Keep your eye on Copake Auction in April. One may show up in the auction or the swap meet.

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