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Enjoy this short clip of Joff Sommerfield's trip featuring the Wheelmen Annual Meet in Waukesha.  Randy, Amy, Dick and I had a great time riding with Joff from Milwaukee to Waukesha.  Wonderful riding by our youth drill team and shots of a very young Jullian Montsch.

Tillie Anderson, one of the most iconic women racers of all time.  Tillie raced on the road and track from 1896 through 1902, entering 130 races and winning all but 7. 

We are helping the Frazier History Museum prepare for an exhibit and reenactment of Tillie, and would like to get a photo of the head tube decal to "recreate" if possible.

James Allen has loaned the Frazier his 1897 or 1898 Thistle bicycle, which he partially restored.  Sadly, the head tube decal is missing.  We have found a fuzzy photograph of the decal on line, but need a clearer image.

Please check your collection of antique bicycles and take a photo of your Thistle head tube decal.

Thanks for the assistance, Alison and Carson Torpey

Click on the link below to see a video of Missouri Captain and former Commander James Allen talk about his Pedalers Museum on KY3 TV's "3 Things to Know!"

SPRINGFIELD, MO --- We visited a hidden treasure in the Ozarks with Kaitlyn McConnell of Ozarks Alive. Ozarks Alive is an online magazine dedicated to preserving the area’s unique heritage and history for future generations.

On this adventure, we explored the Pedalers Bicycle Museum on Commercial in Springfield.

"Oftentimes I just stumble across places that are really cool and this is one of those examples. It's, you know, a bicycle museum right here on Commercial Street called Pedalers Bicycle Museum. And, it's just a very unique place that's filled with dozens of really interesting bikes, " Kaitlyn explained.

James Allen is the owner of Pedalers Bicycle Museum. James' collection includes bikes from the 1880's and even earlier.

"We go back, to 1817 the bike which had no pedals, was the first bike. And then in 1869, they went with the pedals on the front wheel and the 1880's, the big bike and in 1890, they were a regular sized bike like what we know today," Allen told us.......

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How about some FREE BLUEGRASS MUSIC to spice up your summer???

The Kentucky Wheelmen will be hosting a display tent in Henderson Kentucky this Saturday August 10 at the "Bluegrass in the Park" Festival.

Enjoy the cool shade, great food and incredible music as you sit by the river! There will also be a historic bike ride through downtown Henderson later in the day.

Bluegrass in the Park is located at Audubon Mill Park in downtown Henderson Kentucky.

Many happy memories were made at our 52nd Wheelmen Annual Meet in Sedalia Missouri. 

If you pre-paid for the 52nd Meet photograph, those will be mailed out within a week.  For those who did not pre-pay for the official 52nd Meet photograph, click the website below to view all photographs and order as many as you need.

We would like to thank photographer Mark Hammond at Moonlight 10 Photography for saving some beautiful moments.

Navy Blue 3 Season Polyester/Cotton Poplin Jacket

No iron, wash and wear * 6 pockets * repels wind and rain * knit cuff & collar * zipper front

FRONT:  Your first name will be embroidered on left chest.
BACK: The Wheelmen logo & High Wheel Bicycle with your State embroidered at bottom.

Note: All embroidery will be in gold thread

Size Availability Sizes/Cost is $68 each.

Small (34-36)
Medium (38-40)
Large (42-44)
XLarge (46-48)

$73 for 2XLarge (50-52)  3XLarge (54-56)  4XLarge (58-60)

A shipping & handling fee of $9 per jacket must be added for all orders

Orders can be made payable and mailed to:

Ray Montsch
48 Victoria Circle
Dover, DE  19901-6115

Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery

The 52nd Annual Meet of the Wheelmen in Sedalia Missouri was a resounding success!  Meet Captain James Allen and wife Billie Jo welcomed 145+ attendees who drove from all parts east, west, north and south to make new friends, see old friends and enjoy a "Rootin Tootin Good Time!"

A special thanks goes out to the people of Sedalia who welcomed us with open arms, led by Dr. Doug Kibburz, the Sedalians hosted our Century Ride rest stop on the Katy Trail, crafted one of a kind trophies for race participants, shared the history of their wonderful town.....and joined the Wheelmen!

We had numerous folks signing up at the Registration Table, they were taken with the sights of the antique wheels rolling down the streets and the shady Katy Trail Century Day.

The local newspaper, the Sedalia Democrat did a wonderful job of covering the Saturday antique races and demos.  Please click the link below to see all the photographs.

Also on Facebook, check out the Wheelmen Page to see many videos of the Youth Cycle Corp, the races, and all the photographs of the Wheelmen!

In the next few days, there will be a link on another topic where you can view the official Meet photographs and order your own!  For those of you that pre-paid for your photograph, those will be mailed out to you very soon.

Mark Twain wrote "Taming the Bicycle" show after he tried to learn to ride a high wheel bike with lessons-it did not go well but his account is a classic. Twain’s advice: “LEARN TO RIDE A BIKE. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. IF YOU LIVE.....” The July 26th Friday night event is in Sedalia Missouri at the Smith Cotton High School Heckart Auditorium at 6 pm. It is “THE WHEELMEN OF VAUDEVILLE” which denotes a “variety show” with 1890s fashion show with period bicycles from the 1820s to the 1930s, music from the 1890s with a world class pianist (Dave Majchrzak), technical timeline of the bicycle evolution, Olympian John Howard setting the world speed record on a bicycle and talking about the upcoming movie on Marshall Major Taylor (the first black World Champion) and of course MARK TWAIN HIMSELF. The event is free and open to the public.

You won't want to miss "Vaudeville Night" Friday July 26 at the Wheelmen 52nd Annual Meet will feature actor Richard Garey who portrays Mark Twain in style and humor!

Garey has delighted audiences throughout the United States, Canada and Bermuda for over 30 years as he re-creates Mark Twain’s famous ‘lectures’; part readings from his books, part stand up comedy. Richard proudly delivers only Twain’s material and credits his background as an English Teacher/Drama Coach for honing his skills as a stage actor. Because of Richard’s scholarship and familiarity with Samuel Clemens’ life and writings he has developed Twain shows featuring specific topics such as Life on the Mississippi River, Slavery, The Western Years, Women in His Life, How to Tell a Story, and Mark Twain for President.

It is so exciting to see all the registrations continue to pour in for our 52nd Wheelmen Meet in Sedalia Missouri!  The people of Missouri are also excited, the Wheelmen were featured in an article in the Rural Missouri Magazine.  Check out page 20 to read the article, a great write-up about the 52nd Meet coming to Sedalia!

Remember that it is not too late to register for the Meet, here is the link

Or print off your form by clicking the link below.

We still have 10 dorm rooms remaining for the 52nd Wheelmen Meet July 24-28 in Sedalia Missouri!  So, it is not too late to mail in your registration for this event!!!!!

We are so very excited with the large turnout, especially from our Wheelmen living far far away on the East Coast!  Here are the counts by state, to date.

Arkansas - 2
California - 4
Colorado - 3
Delaware - 3
Florida - 4
Illinois - 16
Indiana - 6
Kansas - 8
Kentucky - 2
Maryland - 5
Michigan - 8
Missouri - 12
Nebraska - 3
New Jersey - 2
New Mexico - 1
North Carolina - 1
Ohio - 4
Oklahoma - 3
Pennsylvania - 9
Puerto Rico - 1
Texas - 2
Vermont - 5
Virginia - 1
Wisconsin - 4

Pretty amazing, huh? And these counts are with the Mackinac Island Meet happening this year, which forces many Wheelmen to pick only one summer Meet due to high cost of staying on the island.  Don't miss the fun..see James Allen below tossing a Cow Chip...JOIN US in Sedalia!!!!

We all realize that all most Wheelmen need is a pair of knickers, a shirt and suspenders.  But if that is all you are after you are really missing out.  Hosting the 52nd Annual Wheelmen meet, Sedalia has one of the best, most comprehensive Victorian costume shops in the United States.  Be sure to visit Nostalgia Vintage Apparel at 515 S. Ohio Street in downtown Sedalia.  This shop also sells jewelry and antiques and has a museum of clothing through the years.

Registrations to the 52nd Wheelmen Annual Meet in Sedalia, Missouri are coming in!  We have attendees coming in from Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, California, Oklahoma, Michigan, Florida and all states between!

One of the celebrations planned is a Special Event Station set up by Ham radio operators in Sedalia.  Ham Radio is the Amateur Radio Service administrated by the Federal Communications Commission, which issues distinctive radio station call signs at times for significant events in the United States.
Ham radio operators the world over take great pride and enjoy talking to these Special Event Stations who share their mission and purpose over the shortwave radio airwaves.  At times special event confirmation cards or certificates are awarded to the hams that contact these stations.

Many other unique events are planned for the 52nd Annual Meet!!!  Contact James Allen at 417-576-1464 or for more information and check your Spring Newsletter for the registration form.

We have a few spots left for the Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville Kentucky June 7-9. Bring your antique bicycle....or two.....or three and come on down! A great weekend!!! Email or message me to claim your spot.

"Rawhide" was set in historic Sedalia, the location of this year's 52 Annual Wheelmen Meet.

The cattle drives to Sedalia, Missouri, were some of the earliest in the Old West. Called the Sedalia, Shawnee or Texas Trail, this trade and emigrant route to Missouri was blazed by pioneers during the 1840s. By 1853, some 3,000 head of cattle were being trailed from Texas through western Missouri, but local farmers tried to block the  passage because of the tick fever carried by the longhorns. In December 1855, a Missouri law banned Texas cattle, forcing the drovers to trail them through eastern Kansas—where they also met local resistance.

The trail traveled north through the Texas cities of Austin, Waco and Dallas before crossing the Red River into eastern Oklahoma (along a trail that later became the route of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad). North of Fort Gibson, the trail split into terminal branches, including the one in Sedalia, Missouri, which remained a major crossroads and the site of the closest railroad to ship on to reach St. Louis and Chicago, Illinois.

Click below to print the Registration Form for the 52nd Annual Wheelmen Meet!

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