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I have recently come across some early bicycle grips. Some in cork and some in wood. I've added them to my website:

An english velocipede dating c.1868. Part of a small private collection which has been cherished and enjoyed for the last 50 or so years. Originally found as a frame, forks and associated parts by the owner; who then had a local traditional wheelwright make the wheels. Suitable cranks were found and a useable pair of pedals were made so as it could be ridden. 36" inch front driving wheel. For restoration or overhaul. More photographs and details on my website here:

A 54'' penny farthing bicycle dating from c.1884. Over-painted black and with minor work would appear to make a good riding bicycle. Both wheels run well and front hub bares the bicycle number and wheel size. Semi- moustache handlebars with original brake lever and spoon brake. Brooks type long distance saddle with a later 'Lycett' leather top fitted. Rat trap pedals and roller bearings to both wheels. Currently an unknown maker, but further investigation may reveal some markings to the frame. Fitted to the spine of the bicycle is a rare 'Lamplugh's Patent luggage carrier'. A rare accessory. More photographs and details on my website here:

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