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For Sale Crawford Porcelain Sign. It shows the Crawford head badge and is lettered "Agent For Crawford Bicycles".The lettering is white and black on a red background. It measures 11 inches by 5 inches. It is from the period that Crawford was part of the American Bicycle Co. Condition: It has chipping to the porcelain and the red background is faded on the lower half. The upper left and lower right corner are bent upward some. It has all of the grommets. Price $600 free shipping within the USA.

Wanted the shown Search Light Carbide Lamp.

I believe it is an Iver Johnson. They were manufactured in Fitchburg, Mass. The frame is hard tire style with latter pneumatic tires dating it about 1893.

Thank you. That is very interesting. What year is the ad?

Wayne I post on the Cabe and I am hoping some one has some information. The others ads I have were all for counter top displays.

General discussions on Wheelmen topics. / Identification of Wire Hand Grips
« on: November 30, 2018, 10:56:35 AM »
Want identification of wire hand grips. They were found with other TOC parts. They are only marked "Pat. Appl'd For". They will fit a 7/8 diameter handle bars.

Wanted a photo or illustration of a New Departure Bell Display. I have one piece and would like to determine what a complete display looks like.

Sorry. I see you posted pictures and it is a Model C. The Chain guard is wood and metal.

The seats differ on the different models. Which model do you have?
It would be helpful to post a picture of the seat you have.

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