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Florida Winter Meet, Winter Garden, FL, January 25-27, 2002

Subaru Chicago Bike Show, Chicago, IL, March 23, 2002

Fairmount Home Tour Parade, Fort Worth, TX, May 11, 2002

Illinois Spring Ride, Elgin, ILL, May 19, 2002

Indy 500 Festival Parade, Indianapolis, IN, May 25, 2002

IVCA Rally, Netherlands & Belgium, May 4-18, 2002

Evanston July 4th Parade, Evanston, IL, July 4, 2002

Michigan Vintage Sports Day, Rochester, MI, July 13, 2002

Milwaukee Circus Parade, Milwaukee, WI, July 14, 2002

Colorado Annual Meet, Golden, CO, July 23-28, 2002

Sauder Village Regional Meet, Archbold, OH, August 3-4, 2002

Old Car Festival Meet, Dearborn, MI, September 7-8, 2002

Clinton Fall Festival Parade, Clinton, MI, September 29, 2002

Pre-Annual Meet Ride, Chicago, IL, October 20, 2002

Festival Of Trees Parade, Davenport, IA, November 23, 2002

Dickens On The Stand Parade, Galveston, TX, December 7-8, 2002

The Villages Demo, The Villages, FL, December 21, 2002